fAtHeR aNd SoN

found this amusing so i quickly grab my camera to take them down.

adorable aren’t they? *haha*

dsc02576.jpg dsc02575.jpg dsc02572.jpg


tHe B!RtH oF kYsOn Ho

my sweetie boy is too anxious to see the world his mummy and daddy are living in.  haha!

kyson ho was born 17 days earlier, after 12 hours labour and weighed 3.7kg. 🙂 cool ah..

it started off with “show” (bloodly discharge) two days before the actual birth (probably triggered by the coconut water i drank) …  the feeling was almost like water gushing out however the gynae advised the water bag is intact. rested at home till mild contractions started in the evening. waited till the next morning before i decided it’s time to go tmc. but till then i know i’m just 1cm dilated and each cm dilation takes 1-2 hours. my oh my! i just couldn’t avoid this waiting game. sigh…

the labour and delivery were rather fine despite the fact i still having a serious flu… wasn’t too horrifying as shown on tv but my hubby feedback that the whole room is filled with blood stench and the floor is bloody.. haha.. that.. i didn’t witness though….. however the side effects were terrible and it started only after i needed an increased dosage of epidural due to the extreme pain encountered at 8-9cm dilation.

and once the baby was out.. uncontrollable shivers, giddiness, fever and nausea knocked me out for hours. nearly tot i’m dying as the peak of side effects kicked in after delivery.  i was then thinking “pls god, don’t do this to my child. i wan him to hv a complete family”.  crazy thought but that’s what running through my mind…

my hubby had been most supportive. trying to pacify me in my worst situation. frankly i’m really irritated by every single thing… the aircon, water, pain, everything….  glad i’m able to control my temper towards him. but i think the nurse got pissed off by me.. haha..

i only started missing my bb after i finally regained conscious. haha..strange ah.. but besides our own families, i’m happy to see my dearest buddy joyce that very day… carole couldn’t make it though.. so sad… 

but really glad everything went through smoothly with the blessing of our families and friends and spiritual support from our gods..