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m!d-aUtUmN fEsT!Ve 2007

first time in my 27 years, i celebrated mid-autumn festival without mooncake and tea…

and come to think of it, hubby and i didn’t buy any mooncakes for our own family ….. probably that is the “side-effect” of having a new born in our family… and that is “NO MORE SHOPPING TIME”… haha..

however i realised there are more family time. went to chinatown for sight-seeing with my parents, sisters, hubby, grace and most importantly, our sweetie pie.

his small eyes kept looking at the lights excitedly even though he is tired. seeing his adorable reaction made me forget that my arms were aching…  🙂

but i really detest those rude passerbys who touched my bb WITHOUT my permission. i know he is cute but please ask the parents before doing that. Damn.

well well, just got to clean him up before putting him to sleep… 😉

mY eNcOuNtEr W!F cRaDlEcAp & eZcEmA

my first encounter with a baby skin disease was the cradlecap (also known as seborrheic dermatitis) and to me, it was a terrible one, both physically and emotionally.

it started off with red rashes on the forehead… however it was being passed off as heat rashes by my confinement lady. applied calamine lotion and it seemed to helped a lil. however in less than few day, the redness came back and the skin became dry and scaly.

i hate the thought of putting lotion on bb face because it contained perfume but eventually i gave in to the advice that it helped the other babies to recover. i felt something was wrong but i just wasn’t strong enough to debate with an experience lady. i wouldn’t say it’s her fault, but i blamed myself for not realising early enough on what will happen next.

Thick yellowish and scaly patches started to appear on my poor bb’s eyebrow and forehead. it was really an ugly sight and painful for him. Got to know that it is cradlecap through my dear sister and she taught me the removal method. It was then I saw the cradlecap on the head as well hidden by the hair … my oh my! I quickly went to Guardian to get the Dentinox Treatment Shampoo and Olive Oil and began the treatment. 

but after a few days, scaly patches began to spread to the cheek, ears and chin and eventually to the body. that was the final straw. the anxious mother n his doting maternal grandparents immediately sent him to Dr. Ong, the Paediatrician @ AGlow recommended by my sister.

kyson was officially diagnosed with ezcema and serious cradlecap. gosh! should hv brought him here early if i’ve been more alert since his daddy has ezcema too. didn’t knw that it can be inherited. he was given fungicort cream for the ezcema and physiogel cream from stiefel to restore his healthy skin condition.

my baby HATED the treatment and cried badly whenever I tried to scrap off his dry skin. therefore he had to be fed while the scraping thing was being carried out. it was really stressing and heartbreaking for us and it took a lot of patience for one to do this. i really thanked my mum for being so supportive throughout the “scrapping” period. without her help, bb would not have recovered so soon. (to be continued)

gRaCe !s TuRn!nG tHrEe

 and my dear sister had organized a simple party with lots of lip-smacking food for her… erm i would say for us! *hehe*

chicken curry, sushi, fried meehoon…etc… simple dishes yet full of taste!

but most importantly, she had personally baked grace’s birthday cake. a good mother with so much love for the kiddo. i hope to bake kyson’s first bday cake too… hmm will steal the recipe from her when the time come next year..

however during the party i was totally distracted by kyson’s wailing for milk and cuddles… i didn’t even sing the birthday song for grace… sorry sister… you will understand won’t you? 😉

AND… to thank you for being such a wonderful host and mother, i return you with nice pictures of your goodie box… hope you like it…

just to let you know that it was gone within minutes after below’s photo-taking.. *yummy*

dsc02600.jpg  dsc02599.jpgdsc02594.jpg dsc02604.jpg