mY pErFeCt D!A

Was feeling bored and surfing net when i come across It’s a US-based site where it sells diamonds much cheaper than in Singapore retails. For example, a 1.0X Destinee Ideal Cut Round Brilliant Dia FVS2 – AGS cert will be equivalent to a 1.1X Ideal Cut Round Brilliant Dia FVS1 – AGS cert + 30% cheaper!!! Bigger, better and cheaper. Gosh!

But frankly, I’m too sure how many people would dare to get diamonds online especially those above 1 caret. Definitely not my hubby. Haha!

For me, I’m more open to the online shopping concept as long the company has good reputation, money back guarantee, etc. But whether it’s worth the effort and risk, only the arrived goods can tell.

Anyway, i found my favourite piece among all. FVS1 Ideal Round Brilliant for less than S$15k. I would love this for a lifetime if i ever gets it… haha.. and it will go straight into our family inheritance list.