moving from s to y

for his PIGEON’s nipple. 🙂

haha.. it means he is a big boy now.

i’ve decided for the change when i realised he is taking a long time to suck and seems exhausted after every milk feed — in the end, he couldn’t finish his milk. I had been pondering what could have caused my darling to lose appetite all of sudden. (This thought came to me as he had been actively increasing his milk feed till beginning of his 3mth)

so i guess he might be using too much strength to suck and probably his jaws are worn-out before he can finish his milk.

well i gave it a shot today with the new size-y nipples and the result is good.. haha as reported by my sister. hmmm… besides a few slight choking during the initial suckings, his adaption is well and finished all his 4oz feeds. wow! that’s a record. i’m happy for my boy. of cos, i must thank my sister for helping me look after him while I work. 🙂

but i shall continue to observe him closely with his new sucking toy to make sure he is fully comfortable with it…

cheers! i’m a happy mommy!