uTtErLy ShOcKeD

by the evening news where the maid abused a 2 mth old baby… gosh .. can you believe it?!!

The video clip showed the maid kicking the crying baby on the bed and smacking his/her lil feet. Worst, in the next clip, she flung the poor baby up like a doll and you can see the baby nearly fly out into the air.  Then she grabbed the baby into her arms instantly. I nearly thought she will break the baby neck cos at 2 mths old, the neck muscle is still not fully strengthened yet… The scenes were so unbelievable… and as if they were not enough… the next one showed the maid swinging the crying baby vigorously in his/her bouncing cot and the baby body hit right into the back of the wooden chair…  how would a crying one be pacified this way?! But being the ignorant one, she impatiently kicked the baby while sitting down shaking her legs…. goodness me… My heart wrenched at every seconds for the baby… why would anyone do such a thing to a baby? No matter how difficult babies can be, such violence should never be tolerated.

but again, why would parents trust maids to take care of their own kids? i definitely WOULD NOT and never will I trust a maid! Not even to let her carry the baby. Maids are not qualified or trained caretakers who would have the extreme patience and knowledge of handling a baby. And they can never be nanny unless they are mothers on their own. But even so, one should never leave the baby under maid’s care without your own family members around. Although I would not deny the existence of good maids but still, you never know what they are up to.

Really hope that the maid would be disciplined for her disgusting behaviour and the parents to learn their lesson of not getting the right trustworthly nanny for their baby. And I prayed hard for the 2 mths old baby to recover from the trauma and pain. Hopefully a good nanny will come along and bring smiles to the lil one soon….